Lash Lift + Tint


lash lifting is a natural enhancement for your lashes.

rather than having extensions that can cause damage, and fall out leaving behind a patchy lash line, we instead lift and elongate your natural lashes to sit upright and appear as if you have curled your lashes and added mascara. 

we do this by positioning your lashes up onto a silicone rod that sits on the eyelid, then applying two different solutions. it is a very comfortable treatment that we can only describe as a bit like a lash tickle.

the first solution we apply breaks the current bond of your lashes, and the second solution re-sets the lash bond in their new desired position.

once the solutions have processed we wash the eyes, and complete the treatment by applying lash tint to the top and bottom lashes to make them nice and dark so you wont need mascara, but also this step acts as a conditioning treatment to support the health of your lashes.

this gives the illusion of longer, fuller lashes and allows your lashes to grow out over a 4 - 6 week period. 

those who desire to, can add an additional lash tint in between lash lift appointments which makes them feel freshly done without compromising your lash health. 


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