Clinical Peel Advanced Cocktail


our peels are performed using a chemical agent that resurfaces the skin by inducting a controlled wound and therefore removing the superficial layers of the skin, this is called chemo-exfoliation. our peel enters the basal layer of the skin to create correction and remodel the skin from underneath, so that new healthy skin cells are being reproduced and coming through to the surface. 

we peel to heal, and at every point we are treating, replenishing + decreasing inflammation in the skin. Many plant stem cells are used in each peel to work on repairing skins damaged DNA that occurs from lifestyle, stress and other environmental factors. 

cocktails are a combination of multiple peels + enhancers combined in the one treatment. this is only suitable for our advanced skin clients who are having regular treatments and we are very much rebuilding + reviving the skin for a more youthful appearance. in this space we are certainly turning back the clock.

this treatment will incur downtime such as shedding, however you will be notified of this at your prior appointment and we can plan it strategically as we would not do this a few days before a big event. but trust us, it's worth it!

your skin does need to be prepped for all of our clinical peels with prescribed home care. please contact us or book the skin consultation a minimum of 2 weeks prior to a clinical peel appointment. 


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