Clinical Peel Level 2


our peels are performed using a chemical agent that resurfaces the skin by inducting a controlled wound and therefore removing the superficial layers of the skin, this is called chemo-exfoliation. our peel enters the basal layer of the skin to create correction and remodel the skin from underneath, so that new healthy skin cells are being reproduced and coming through to the surface. 

we peel to heal, and at every point we are treating, replenishing + decreasing inflammation in the skin. Many plant stem cells are used in each peel to work on repairing skins damaged DNA that occurs from lifestyle, stress and other environmental factors. 

our clinical peels don’t only cater to those who ‘have acne’ or ‘wrinkles and pigment’. 

skins that have no particular concern or present as ‘already healthy’ or ‘good skin’, are still experiencing biological ageing everyday, are decreasing in collagen, elastin, + hyperpigmentation and will undergo an increase in inflammation. this means there is no support for the structure of the skin therefore will experience accelerated ageing. 

our level 2 clinical peel will be chosen on the day of treatment by how your skin is presenting, and this will be an elevated treatment from your level one. we may use a more advanced peel, or we may add enhancers to elevate your results which will be discussed with you prior to commencing. 

your skin does need to be prepped for all of our clinical peels with prescribed home care. please contact us or book the skin consultation a minimum of 2 weeks prior to a clinical peel appointment. 


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