Saint Minerals Liquid Foundation


 Saint Minerals is a mineral makeup range, derived from highest quality, vegan friendly minerals. With no fragrance, no synthetics + no parabens. 
Saint Minerals is skincare with the added benefit of colour!

Use of regular Cosmetic Makeup can lead to Acne Cosmetica, Rosacea + other inflammatory skin conditions due to being loaded with chemicals, alcohol + fragrances. These don't allow the skin to breath and lead to congestion, inflammation + irritation.

Saint Minerals is suited for all skin-types, ages + concerns. 

UVA+UVB protection as well as Blue Light Protection from your devices.

Saint Minerals heals + protects + flawlessly hides line-lines + wrinkles, Rosacea + Acne with an easy to apply, dewy satin finish. 

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39 Chute Street, Diamond Creek